The change we want

In the world 1.2 billion people do not have access to electricity at all and almost no one has access to modern, reliable, clean and affordable electricity. This needs to change as the planet cannot longer support the continuity of fossil-fuel based energy generation without serious consequences for its inhabitants.

We won’t be able to change our goal by snapping our fingers, but we can find simple ways to achieve it provided we think outside of the box.

We, as Terrawatt Initiative, believe that solar is a huge and powerful force for change: for the climate, for our energy businesses, and for society at large.

Solar is an unlimited resource, available everywhere, which can be mobilized quickly. This source of energy empowers communities, as they strive to be active players in providing for their own energy needs. Through the Terawatt Initiative they can take part in innovative solar solutions, therefore, participating effectively in creating development opportunities for their own communities.

Affordable and clean energy access for all is key to a sustainable economic development. Gender equality, education, migration and all of the other 16 sustainable development goals of the United Nations cannot be addressed without a massive increase in clean energy supply in developing and emerging countries as well as in advanced economies.

This type of transformation is not attainable without a drastic decrease in power generation costs, a wider availability and accessibility of electricity.

The good news with solar is that, together, we can drive costs below 30 USD/MWh making it cheaper than any new thermal power generation capacity, and there is still room for improvement.

Some people called for a technological miracle to happen and address climate change: it seems that, with solar, the miracle is already happening!