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The entry into force of the Paris Agreement on Climate opens a path to build a sustainable common future where energy plays a central role, as it is the condition of any human development. Energy enables people to develop new ventures and access new worlds permitting people to simplify their lives and achieve their dreams. This is why ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy FOR ALL must be a top priority. Implementing the Paris Agreement implies that a radical shift of the energy models must occur everywhere in the world without delay. Thus, a true energetic revolution for the 21st century.

We believe that solar power is an unparalleled instrument to make these changes happen. Solar power is as an unlimited, affordable and widely available source of energy. It is more universal to all countries and applications from 500 MW utility-scale power plants to 50 watt solar home systems and 5 watt lanterns can boost growth and human development as soon as we unleash its true potential.
We, through the Terrawatt Initiative, are committed to turning solar power into a major force which will foster inclusive growth, fight against climate change and encourage the creation of shared value in developing and emerging countries as well as in advanced economies, in a sustainable way.

Our goal is to unite nations around a common objective: The development of solar capacity in order to limit global warming below 2°C before the end of the century, while making global accessibility of energy possible. To be on track for this objective, we call for the deployment of 2.5 terawatt of competitive solar installed capacity in the world by 2025. The International Solar Alliance, launched in Paris on the occasion of COP 21, set an objective equivalent to 1 terawatt by 2030 constituting this initiative a leading example to pursue and magnify.

Our goal is to unite all of the stakeholders around the creation of a large and competitive solar power market, ensuring its prompt and global accessibility, at an affordable price.

Our goal is to unite citizens and communities from all over the world around an annual “Solar Generations Day” which will incite people to take actions daily, engage with their leaders, forge bonds of trust between generations and ensure that the next generation will be born, as “solar native” in a safer world.

Joining the Terrawatt Initiative means being part of a historic human adventure that aims at solving one of the most significant issues of our time.
Joining Terrawatt Initiative means joining a once in a life time project, led by committed women and men from all continents who decided to fight for a powerful idea: we do not have the right to leave to our children a planet with no future.