Make it together

This can only be achieved together. 

The governments’ ambitious decisions have to be executed and adjusted to the local realities.

The energy and technology companies have to provide technology, equipment, distribution networks, as soon as the markets open.

Investors ready to shift the trillions as soon as they have a safe investment environment must join.

TWI’s mission is to bring its enthusiasm, experience and expertise in order to organize the dialogue between these 3 groups of stakeholders.  TWI aims at paving the ways for the very large deployment of  affordable solar power everywhere in the world, particularly in countries with high solar potential until we reach an equilibrium to be below 30USD/MWh.

Terrawatt Initiative seeks to establish a new framework by fostering the dialogue between and within the stakeholders through the organization of workshops, meetings and events.

This dialogue will change the face of the world. Countries will power the growth of their economy and offer competitive electricity to their communities while reaching their international commitments.  Businesses will open new markets, find and institute new opportunities as well as creating thousands of jobs all around the world. Investors will be able to offer a safe, affordable and green financial product, while individual and industrial users, will have access to a green and affordable energy.