Solar Generations

The energy revolution needs you

The Terrawatt initiative results from a very simple idea: market forces must serve the universal general interest. Our goal is to make solar energy accessible to everyone, everywhere on the planet. In order to do so, we need to make solar the most competitive source of energy and unleash its full potential, at both small and big scale.

So as to perpetuate the COP21’s dynamic, we have reached the decision to take our responsibilities and act to realize our government’s commitments to fight global warming. Our belief is that solar can and has to be the driving force behind the energy transition: we can only reach the Paris agreement’s goal by using the sun’s power.
We intend to act on multiple fronts. Our first lever is to raise global awareness on the emergency of a successful energy transition. Our second lever is to create a uniform regulatory framework and appropriate financial instruments to direct funding towards solar assets.

The climate challenge cannot be undertaken without a positive pressure from the global public opinion: this is why TWI gathered leading figures. Coming from the academic world, from major international organizations or from the cultural environment, these “ambassadors” will raise awareness on solar issues within the global civil society.
As the official start of the TWI adventure, ambassadors will gather in Paris on June 20th, 2016 to celebrate the first global solar power day. This Solar Generations Day during solstice will constitute the first global-scale event dedicated to solar energy issues.